Leatherhead Methodist Church

Leatherhead Methodist

We are a mixed group of young and old, with different backgrounds and try to incorporate the richness of traditional and modern worship. We are seeking to grow spiritually as we share together and involve others. Our vision is to aspire to the attributes of Love, Mission and Care in the activities we pursue.

Leatherhead Parish Church

Church of England
St Mary's and St Nicholas Church

We are the Anglican parish church in Leatherhead and are committed to growing as disciples of Jesus Christ and, in our turn, growing new disciples. There is a variety of worship styles from the quiet beauty of the Prayer Book Communion to passionate celebration in a contemporary idiom – which one would suit you? We [...]

Our Lady & St Peter

Roman Catholic

Mindful that God “wants everyone to be saved and reach full knowledge of the truth” [1 Tim. 2:4] we welcome all who seek the truth to join us in our pilgrim journey on earth and in the Eucharistic worship which unites us to our Lord Jesus and to the faithful generations since the Apostles.

Pioneer Engage

Pioneer Engage

Pioneer Engage Church started life with a small handful of people in the Green Room at the Leatherhead Theatre. Sociologists would describe us as a Charismatic Evangelical New Church (rather than a historical denominational church). People who were disillusioned with church or had moved into the area found this their new spiritual home. Within 18 [...]